Lennon John, McCartney Paul
We can work it out

(klikni na značku)

[D]Try to see it [G]my [D]way. 
[D]Do I have to [G]keep on talking [C]till I can't go [D]on
[D]While you see it [G]your [D]way
[D]Run the risk of [G]knowing that our [C]love may soon be [D]gone
   [G]We can work it [D]out, [G]we can work it [A]out
Think of what you're saying
You can get it wrong and still you think that it's all right
Think of what I'm saying
We can work it out and get it straight or say goodnight

   [G]We can work it [D]out, [G]we can work it [A]out   

        [Hmi]Life is very short and there's no [Emi]ti[Fis]me
        For [Fis7]fussing and [Hmi]fighting my [A]friend [G] [A] 
        [Hmi]I have always thought that it's a [Emi]cri[Fis]me
        So [Fis7]I will [Hmi]ask you [A]once a[G]gain [A]
Try to see it my way
Only time will tell if I am right or I am wrong
While you see it your way
There's a chance that we might fall apart before too long
We can work it out, we can work it out