Dylan Bob
Mr. Tambourine Man

(klikni na značku)

[G] Hey! Mr. [A7] Tambourine Man, [D] play a song for [G] me
I'm not [D] sleepy and there [G] is no place I'm [A7] going to
[G] Hey! Mr. [A7] Tambourine Man, [D] play a song for [G] me
In the [D] jingle jangle [G] morning I'll come [A7] followin' [D] you

Though I [G] know that evenin's [A7] empire has [D] returned into [G] sand
[D] Vanished from my [G] hand
Left me [D] blindly here to [G] stand but still not [A7] sleeping
My [G] weariness a[A7]mazes me, I'm [D] branded on my [G] feet
I [D] have no one to [G] meet
And the [D] ancient empty [G] street's too dead for [A7] dreaming

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man…

[G] Take me on a [A7] trip upon your [D] magic swirlin' [G] ship
My [D] senses have been [G] stripped
My [D] hands can't feel to [G] grip
My [D] toes too numb to [G] step
Wait [D] only for my [G] boot heels to be [A7] wanderin'
I'm [G] ready to go a[A7]nywhere, I'm [D] ready for to [G] fade
In[D]to my own pa[G]rade
Cast your [D] dancing spell my [G] way I  promise to go [A7] under it

Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man…

Though you [G] might hear laughin', [A7] spinnin', swingin' mad[D]ly across the [G] sun
It's not [D] aimed at any[G]one
It's just es[D]capin' on the [G] run
And but [D] for the sky there [G] are no fences [A7] facin'
And [G] if you hear vague [A7] traces of [D] skippin' reels of [G] rhyme
To your [D] tambourine in [G] time
It's just a [D] ragged clown [G] behind
I wouldn't [D] pay it any [G] mind
It's just a [D] shadow you're [G] seein' that he's [A7] chasing