Dylan Bob
Like A Rolling Stone

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[G]Once upon a time, you [Ami7]dressed so fine
[G]Threw the bums a dime, [C]in your prime, [D]didn't you?  [D7]
[G]People call, say [Ami7]"Beware, doll, you're [G]bound to fall"
You [C]thought they were all [D]kiddin' you  [D7]
[C]You used to [D]laugh about 
[D]Everybody that was [D]hangin' out
[C]But now you [G]don't [Ami7]talk so [G]loud, 
[C]Now you [G]don't [Ami7]seem so [G]proud
[Ami7]About havin' to be [C]scroungin' your next [D]meal  [D7]
[D]How does it [G]feel?  [C]  [D]
[D]How does it [G]feel    [C]  [D]
[D]To be without a [G]home  [C]  [D]
[D]Like a complete un[G]known  [C]  [D]
[D]Like a rollin' [G]stone  [C]  [D7]