Rolling Stones
Lady Jane

(klikni na značku)

[D]My sweet Lady [C]Jane, when I see you a[G]gain [D]
[D]Your servant am [C]I and will humbly re[G]main [D]
[E7]Just hear this [Ami]plea my love
[D7]On banded [G]knees my love
[C]I pledge my[D7]self to Lady [Ami]Jane [D]
[D]My dear Lady [C]Anne I've done what I [G]can [D]
[D]I must take my [C]leave for promised I [G]am [D]
[E7]This play is [Ami]run my love
[D7]Your time has [G]come my love
[C]I've pledged my [D7]troth to Lady [Ami]Jane [D]
[D]Oh my sweet Ma[C]rie I wait at your [G]ease [D]
[D]The sands have run [C]out for your lady and [G]me [D]
[E7]Wedlock is [Ami]nigh my love
[D7]Her station's [G]right my love
[C]Live is se[D7]cure with Lady [Ami]Jane  [D]